The Spirit Of Flying Disc Sports

Updated Ultimate Frisbee could be played at future Olympic Games following the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recognized ‘flying disc sports’ on Sunday. Throughout his tenure as the school’s Competitive Sports Supervisor, he boosted the quantity to 49, creating it one particular of the most diverse club sports offerings of any school in the nation. Yale University students took to tossing around Mr. Frisbie’s pie tins (or cookie tins, some contend) after eating their contents, yelling Frisbie!” to alert every other of flying metal.

Flying disc was among 26 IOC-recognized sports that applied for inclusion in 2020, which includes the heavy favored baseball, karate, squash, bowling, korfball, tug of war, and numerous much more. The WFDF governs a number of disc-primarily based activities, such as Ultimate Frisbee, Disc Golf and Freestyle.

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