Prison For Founder Of Physique Armor Business

Point+Blank+Body+ArmorThe Marine Corps issued to nearly ten,000 troops physique armor that government specialists urged the Corps to reject after tests revealed vital, life-threatening flaws in the vests. After initially employing the OTV as their principal physique armor program, the U.S. Marine Corps created a fully new armor system, the Modular Tactical Vest , which was their major physique armor method in Iraq. The Legacy, Hi-Lite Pro Plus, and Fusion are amongst Point Blank’s most recent innovations meeting this demand.

Perhaps testimonials like the operator’s letter – Pinnacle has received many – is why nine American common officers purchased Pinnacle armor on July 5 2005 to evaluate” it in the course of their tours in Afghanistan. The soft ballistic panels are produced in five various sizes (S-XXL), which are installed into their respective pocket on the OTV carrier shell.

The military rushed to field the Interceptor armor to all its troops, not just those typically involved in close combat, pushing the vests to the field as quickly as they have been made. Manufacturing excellence and enterprise longevity have positioned Point Blank as the most distinguished, heritage brand of physique armor.

Executive Ballistic Briefcase: Instantly converts from a lightweight, discreet briefcase to a fold-out ballistic shield with added unique threats” protection (by inserting SPEED plates in the plate pockets). Instantly convert the TAC into a ballistic protective vest by inserting Point Blank concealable ballistic panels into the front and back interior pockets.

Originally the Interceptor Body Armor System weighed 16.4 pounds (7.4 kg), with the vest weighing 8.4 pounds (three.8 kg), and two plate inserts weighing 4 pounds (1.8 kg) every. As of November of that year, an additional 12,200 vests and 12,400 plates had been distributed.Point+Blank+Body+Armor

Faced with a severe shortage of physique armor the Army decided that nine Point Blank orders that did not meet safety specifications would be sent to troops overseas anyway, according to the court records. Once the formal Government announcement comes we will update this story as according to Point Blank’s personal press release, they have been chosen as a selected supplier” indicating that other people may also be awarded.

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