National Championship

The Road To Naples begins with 64 teams from all more than the United States, representing their State/Region, battling in a single elimination tournament to see who is National Champion. The Bowl Championship Series , popular for its use of math, was the successor of the Bowl Alliance (1995-1997), which was itself the successor of the Bowl Coalition (1992-1994). As a result, the public and the media began to take the top vote-getter in the final AP Poll as the national champion for that season.

A warning message appears, asking you to confirm that you want to convert the paper tickets. You will want to enter information from them to convert them to Flash Seats tickets. Of the 19 teams, only 7 have won 5 or a lot more national titles: Alabama , Notre Dame , Oklahoma , USC , Miami (FL) , Nebraska , and Ohio State The years listed in the table below indicate a national championship selection by the AP or Coaches’ Poll.

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