Is It Wise To Specialize?

Popular athletes who could have dominated a second sport tell the story of males and girls with so significantly athletic capacity that they should not be restricted to being the best at just a single sport when they could very easily locate success in many sports. The parenthesis has been closed, despite the fact that the monetary incentives to cheat are such that there often will be sinister chemists competing to concoct PEDs that defeat the efforts of other chemists to detect them. Also, a competitor who practices five days a week, all other issues getting equal, will be far better at that sport than a kid playing multiple sports per week. They, just like HS coaches do not want element time, when it’s practical athletes.

There are so several examples of skilled athletes who participated in three sports who did not specialize until right after high college. We encourage our athletes to play numerous sports and encourage them to split time with us throughout the off season. My daughter chooses to only play soccer, but it is not the only interest she has.

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