A Comprehensive Guide to Watching March Madness Online from Anywhere

We are not even going to lie about it:

We have missed the March Madness, and in no small measure too. If you are also a lover of basketball, we know you must have missed all the action too.

As we roll into the next month, everyone will have their eyes glued to their screens to see who clinches the national championship title for this year. So that you don’t miss out on any of the games, we have developed this comprehensive guide to ensure you can watch March Madness online from anywhere.

For Big Ten teams

If your team happens to be in the big ten, you will have to watch the games from either of ESPN or the official Big Ten Network (BTN). Even though that is where you can get all of the action, the duo of CBS and Fox will also be showing some of the games.

The deal is sweetened on the side of CBS who will be airing both the Big Ten Tournament Semis and Tournament Championships.

For all games leading to the semi-finals, you are sure to get them on BTN itself.

Now that you know all the channels that you need, there is the question of what streaming platform carries all of them. That is answered by YouTube TV ($40/month)

Thus, simply sign up for a subscription, check the game time for your favorite team(s) and tune in when the action is going down. You can enjoy the free 14-daytrial package of the platform to get a better value for your money too.

For SEC teams

So, your team is in the SEC? Good news is, you only need ESPN and the dedicated SEC network to get your games.

Of course, YouTube TV offers you a platform for these channels. In addition, PlayStation Vue ($50/month)also carries both channels. Head over to their respective platforms to choose what plan suits you better – and you can check out the free trials they offer while you are at it too.

For AAC teams

Should you fall into this category, we have something for you too.

ESPN handles most of the games in the AAC. However, you can always get some of the games on other networks like Raycom. Note that the portion you get from other providers accounts for only a small number of the games.

The great thing here is that you don’t have to pay a high premium for YouTubeTV and PlayStation Vue if you are looking to catch only AAC games. Besides those picks, you can choose Sling TV ($25/ month) or compare that with what you can get on DirecTV ($40/ month)

For Big 12 teams

As always, ESPN covers a lot of the Big 12 games, but the responsibility sometimesfalls to Fox and CBS. The latter networks will have exclusive rights to the games they are covering, so you will need to have all the channels to get all the games.

That means you can either go the way of YouTube TV orPlayStation Vue. If you can do without the games offered by Fox and CBS, SlingTV will serve you just fine.

For Pac-12 teams

Unsurprisingly, the Pac-12 network is the place to be for most of the Pac-12 games. ESPN is also found in the league of carrier channels, followed by Fox and CBS again.

Connect with SlingTV and add the Pac-12 network for an extra $5/ month for the overall experience.

Watching from Anywhere in The World

One common issue that could rear its ugly head is that of content geo-blocking when you are not in the US. That would effectively remove your access to these games and stop youfrom enjoying them.

A simple fix to this is using a VPN to stream the March Madness games online like you were in the US.

To do that, you have to:

  • Get a VPN from a trusted provider
  • Connect to a server location in the US
  • Sign up on your preferred streaming platform (don’t forget to check out their free trials too)
  • Check the TV schedule for when your favoriteteams will be playing
  • Tune in and enjoy the games as they are played live.

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